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Professional Solution and Service for Your Business Jordan Offshores (Thailand) offers an impressive capability services in port equipment systems and earth moving equipment and...

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Jordan Offshores (Thailand)’s philosophy of continuous improvement ensures poduct characteristics evolve to meet customers needs. Corporate responsibility at JORDAN OFFSHORES (THAILAND) We are committed...

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Design, Fabrication, Transportation & Installation Of Offshore Structures Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Custom Equipment Manufacturer Jordan Offshores (Thailand) specializes in the design and...

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Jordan Offshores (Thailand) is a product marketing distribution company established in Thailand. Our core business activities are in the specific areas of the Oil...

Stationary Air Compressors

We provide POWERLINK air compressors are widely used in such industries as mining, water conservation, shipbuilding, city construction, energy resources and military, and are characterized by high efficiency, safety and stability, whilst remaining environmentally friendly.



Rate of flow : 165-850cfm Pressure : 7-13bar

  • World-renowned KUBOTA, CUMMINS, PERKINS, DEUTZ and POWERLINK engines characterized by compact structure, long service life, super silience and ultra-low emission
  • One-button start, clear operational parameters, personalized operating system, intelligent control, multiple warning and shutdown protection
  • and more....

Our air compressors have a power range of 10.8-297KW, displacement range to 30m3/min, and highest discharge pressure of 30Bar. Classifited by two series, DR series and DS series. The compressors are driven by famous engines, such as KUBOTA, PERKINS, CATERILLAR, CUMMINS and POWERLINK.

Personalized Design

  • With reliable automatic functions, operators don’t have to go through long term professional training, and unattended operation can be achieved
  • Control system adopts digital technology with microprocessor as core; control switch and indicating instrument are integrated at the same panel, which can facilitate real-time monitoring of operator
  • Starting up and fault automatic alarm device
  • Emergency stop button provides a more convenient operation method when the machines is in the state of emergency or overhauling
  • …and more…

Easy Maintenance

  • The machine adopts a twin screw rotor, less parts and quick-wear parts, which enable the machine to run stably with long service life, POWERLINK high-quality synthetic lubricating oil can be used to ensure the long life of the machine
  • Easily-replaced air-oil separator, double air filter and optional pre-filtering system can effectively filtrate impurities in the air to protect the engine. Hence, the machine is suitable for using in harsh and dusty environments, such as mine, outdoor works
  • …and more…

Easy Transportation

  • The chassis is equipped with dragging and pulling functional parts, which are easy to use and meet operational environment requirements of mine sites, the rental market and other industries
  • Economical size design of unit can reduce transportation costs
  • Double hanger structure of the machine can guarantee the lifting center without affecting operation and maintenance space