Professional Engineering Services

Professional Solution and Service for Your Business Jordan Offshores (Thailand) offers an impressive capability services in port equipment systems and earth moving equipment and...

Think Green…Think JORDAN

Jordan Offshores (Thailand)’s philosophy of continuous improvement ensures poduct characteristics evolve to meet customers needs. Corporate responsibility at JORDAN OFFSHORES (THAILAND) We are committed...

Offshore Engineering Fabrication

Design, Fabrication, Transportation & Installation Of Offshore Structures Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Custom Equipment Manufacturer Jordan Offshores (Thailand) specializes in the design and...

Lifting Equipments, Hoists, Cranes & Winches

Jordan Offshores (Thailand) is a product marketing distribution company established in Thailand. Our core business activities are in the specific areas of the Oil...

Air Dryer

Innovation of INFINITY new environmental protection energy-saving, refrigeration compreesed air dryer

Our energy-saving environmental protection of refrigeration compressed air dryers have been declared as the new industry products compared with domestic similar products, our products have the following completely different innovation

  1. High design standard
  2. Three-in-one of all-in-one structure
  3. Heat exchanger with nanometer hydrophillic film
  4. F-free environment friendly refrigerant
  5. Introduced famous compressors and components
  6. Easy to operate (microcomputer control)
  7. Using multiple safety protecction to global conditions
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  9. Certificate